About US

Volunteer Action for Cambodia (VAC), a part in STAR Kampuchea had been established in December 2004. This project was initiated by a group of Cambodian volunteers and a German volunteer who were inspired to make differences in Cambodia.

We are a local Non-governmental Organization (NGO) with strong ties to the local NGO communities and their needs, making us uniquely qualified to connect volunteers to a meaningful experience.  So if you are someone who is ready to make a difference, a student seeking a global experience to support your academic research or someone who simply wants to learn about Cambodia by working alongside locals solving real problems, we will find the right fit for you.


SK envisions that Cambodian people live in democracy, peace, and dignity.


SK’s mission is to educate and empower people to advocate for good governance and sustainable natural resource management.

  • Strengthening democracy, empowerment and cultural exchanges
  • Providing safe and affordable means of travel in order to foster a multi-cultural experience with a common goal of assisting those in need
  • Exchanging new impulses and ideas for both side contributions
  • Promoting a responsible volunteering
  • We believe in the overall experience maximizes the impact of volunteers!   
  • We believe in the right volunteers for the right experiences!

Our team

Our office is based in the capital city, Phnom Penh and we are here to support you before, during and after arrival.

Mrs. Chet Charya, the executive director of STAR Kampuchea

I have been working at STAR Kampuchea since 1997. Our NGO has initiated this volunteering project since 2004 and volunteering conditions are safe and acceptable, and our team will help volunteers in any emergency or situations in any time.

Mr. Cheng Yongsreng, VAC program coordinator

I have worked in VAC project since 2012 and have supported more than 2000 volunteers. I have the bachelor degree of law and a professional tour guide for Phnom Penh area. I like reading books and taking photographs in my free time.

Ms. Chea Engmey, VAC program officer

I have been worked in this project since 2014; therefore, I have met and worked with many foreign volunteers. I have obtained a Bachelor Degree of Education, and I like reading books, taking photography and surfing the internet in my spare time.

Mr. Thea Seundy, VAC house manager

I have been worked in this project since 2013, and I have obtained a Bachelor Degree of Law; I like surfing on the internet in my spare time.


We have also cooperated with other international partners in some parts of the world such as Denmark, New Zealand, France, America, Germany and Nepal. Besides, there are also a few universities such as The University of Winnipeg and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.



VAC is a part of STAR Kampuchea (SK), the non-profit local organization established since 1997, and is dedicated to building democracy by strengthening civil society. In 2014, STAR Kampuchea was honored with an award for Civil Society Development by the “World Association of NGOs (WANGO), based in Washington D.C, USA. Within SK’s reputation, VAC has built a wide network of local placements, especially in NGO support projects.


STAR Kampuchea has its own office building and collaborates with our partner guesthouse for volunteers' accommodation, located in the central of city. There are always security guards within 24h especially; the VAC team will assist you anytime. Additionally, volunteers/interns can also choose to stay with our host families who can also assure your security and cultural exposure.


As mentioned in our vision, mission, and beliefs, VAC values the impacts of international volunteers/interns toward our society more than a profit. That amount of program fee is charged barely just to cover the expenses of staff, accommodation, and meals.


We highly appreciate responsible volunteering which is why we choose our local placements carefully. We are working only with secured and responsible workplaces. Importantly, all volunteers/interns are only accepted when they have obtained a criminal background check and other required documents.

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