Education/Teaching English

Education is one of the necessary tools to impact a country’s development; without educated people or lack of human resources, the country development progresses slowly.

After the collapse of Khmer rouge regime, one cannot deny the fact that we lost millions of civilian and educated people approximately 25% of the population. This takes longer for Cambodia to recover especially build up the human resources to a point which we are nowadays. Albeit Cambodia is developing, we are still lagging behind other ASEAN country members especially countries like Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Hence, it becomes more challenging for Cambodians to be on the same Education level like them; importantly on ASEAN Economic Community and learning skills known only native language isn’t enough when there are a number of documents or books written in English so a majority of Cambodian students are still struggling in their studies.

Since there is still a huge gap of poverty, not every children and young adults have an opportunity to go to even public schools so let alone private schools; therefore, we find any placements that appreciate to have volunteers who can teach English and organize educational activities to those vulnerable children. Teaching English in Cambodia is one of the important projects that volunteers help is needed and volunteers play important roles to be a part of changing their future.

Goals for this project:

  • Providing English teaching to under-resourced schools
  • Stimulating children’s creativity through educational activities, games
  • Exchanging inter-cultural experiences between locals and volunteers
  • Being a part of breaking poverty cycle


Requirements that volunteers need to supply for this project:

  • A certificate of English level at least pre-intermediate level (for non-native speakers)
  • A criminal check
  • CV and cover letter in English
  • 3 weeks as a minimum stay



Phnom Penh, Batambang, or Pursat


3 Weeks


20 - 30 Hours per week


3 Daily meals


Volunteer house or host family


Introduction days are on Monday & Tuesday; placement begins Wednesday

4 weeks USD 770
6 weeks USD 940
8 weeks USD 1160
10 weeks USD 1350
12 weeks USD 1500
16 weeks USD 1890
20 weeks USD 2200
24 weeks USD 2595