Business Development/Income Generation

Economic in Cambodia has grown up for the past decade; many private sectors have developed; however, a number of people living in remote areas haven’t benefited from private sectors especially those who don’t have any education. However, there are some NGOs and entrepreneurs try to create employment for those people to improve their living standards or live above the poverty line. For example, they design a variety of handmade products to sell in Cambodia and abroad. One of the most meaningful projects is working with community to create the eco-tourism projects as a source of their income generation. When they can generate income from their community, they will love and take care of it.   Volunteers will help develop business plans, finding possible marketing strategies, creating new designs, or teaching English to those people.

NOTE: there is no professional training so it is highly recommended that volunteers should be proactive and initiative.

Goals for this project:

  • Being a part of giving chances to women and people in remote areas developing their living and income generation
  • Exchanging inter-cultural experiences between locals and volunteers


Requirements that volunteers need to supply for this project:

  • A certificate of English level at least C1 or intermediate level (for non-native speakers)
  • A criminal check
  • CV and cover letter in English
  • A laptop
  • 4 weeks as a minimum stay



Phnom Penh


4 Weeks


20 - 30 Hours per week


3 Daily meals


Volunteer house or host family


Introduction days are on Monday & Tuesday; placement begins Wednesday

4 weeks USD 770
6 weeks USD 940
8 weeks USD 1160
10 weeks USD 1350
12 weeks USD 1500
16 weeks USD 1890
20 weeks USD 2200
24 weeks USD 2580