Childcare Development

Each and every child deserves love, care, nutrient, compassion, confidence and guidance regardless of races or gender. However, not every Cambodian kid grows up in a comfort zone benefiting all of those criteria during childhood and young adolescent. Though the poverty line is just 1.25$, there is approximately 20% of the whole population living under this line and roughly 65% live slightly above the line. Due to poverty-stricken drive, some families decide to let their children live in orphanages or spend their days at daycare centers; therefore, a majority of children in orphanages have at least one living parent who cannot afford even food for their children. However, we are against voluntourism running orphanages for only business purposes; our local placements have integration plans for those kids when growing up. In there, volunteers can teach some English, conduct art activities and babysit younger kids.

Goals for this project:

  • Providing English teaching to under-resourced orphanages
  • Stimulating children’s creativity through educational activities, games
  • Exchanging inter-cultural experiences between locals and volunteers
  • Being a part of giving love, and care to young kids


Requirements that volunteers need to supply for this project:

  • A certificate of English level at least B2 or elementary level (for non-native speakers)
  • A criminal check
  • CV and cover letter in English
  • 2 weeks as a minimum stay



Phnom Penh, or Battambang


2 Weeks


20 - 30 Hours per week


3 Daily meals


Volunteer house or host family


Introduction days are on Monday & Tuesday; placement begins Wednesday

4 weeks USD 770
6 weeks USD 940
8 weeks USD 1160
10 weeks USD 1350
12 weeks USD 1500
16 weeks USD 1890
20 weeks USD 2200
24 weeks USD 2580