NGO Supports

NGO sector in Cambodia had been developed in the early 1990s after Khmer Rouge regime was removed from power and left everything destroyed. Cambodia was at the ground level needed to recover from the beginning. Due to this reason, there have been many NGOs established aiming on a variety of approaches but still obtain similar vision to develop Cambodia and local people’ well-being especially community people at the grassroots level 

Our program has cooperated with different local NGOs including public health, women empowerment, gender equality, advancing community rights, environment issues and natural resource governance, and human rights.

Your experience as a volunteer/intern greatly depends on your skills and interests and the length of your stay. If your stay is short-term, you will mainly help out with your English skills on editing (which is just as helpful!) or write proposals for fundraising, case studies and reports. You may also help with IT skills, teach English to the staff or conduct research on the success of the programs or future plans. You might also visit the fields and projects in the countryside to get a firsthand idea of the problems people are facing. Volunteers/ interns with more specific skills, knowledge or experience may assist in arranging campaigns, meetings or public forums or implementing new projects, as well as developing the internal structures and new initiatives within the programs. Volunteers/interns also might develop a newsletter or update a website. We will try to find any placements that are relevant to your skills/preference.

Goals for this project:

  • Strengthening people capacity
  • Improving community living standards
  • Supporting local staff to work effectively and efficiently 
  • Exchanging inter-cultural experiences between locals and volunteers


Requirements that volunteers need to supply for this project:

  • A certificate of English level at least intermediate level (for non-native speakers)
  • A criminal check
  • CV and cover letter in English
  • A laptop
  • 4 weeks as a minimum stay



Phnom Penh or Pursat


4 Weeks


20 - 35 Hours per week


3 Daily meals


Volunteer house or host family


Introduction days are on Monday & Tuesday; placement begins Wednesday

4 weeks USD 770
6 weeks USD 940
8 weeks USD 1160
10 weeks USD 1350
12 weeks USD 1500
16 weeks USD 1890
20 weeks USD 2200
24 weeks USD 2580