What We Do (Before, During & After)

Before your arrival:

  • Finding suitable and relevant placements for volunteers based on their background/experiences.  A ‘’Good fit’’ organization for you!
  • Supporting volunteers by answering their questions at the soonest


During your stay:

  • Providing a pick-up from the airport to accommodation so there is no need to worry where you should go after arriving at the airport
  • Providing orientation about Cambodia history, safety, culture differences, expectations, working conditions, group discussion
  • Providing welcome lunch/dinner  and city tour to explore the city
  • Accompanying volunteers/interns to their working places on the first day so again please don’t worry about address or what you should do to get there; we will be there with you.
  • Providing three meals per day and a safe accommodation
  • Providing in-country supports 24/7 and trip advices for holidays/weekends
  • Assisting in VISA extension and applying for other Asia countries
  • Providing general assistance during your stay


After your stay:

  • Providing a recommendation letter
  • Assisting in university evaluation if necessary